Candy Krushing on Candy K

Can I get a hell yeah for 12 hour wear, cool packaging, lush colours, and a scent that’s good enough to eat? Uh hell yeah. Kylie Cosmetics matte liquid lipstick and lip liner in shade Candy K gives me the biggest ‘hell yeah’.

I waited, poised over my laptop clutching my bank card a good 15 minutes before the restock. I was determined to get what I wanted and god did I get it. I ordered two lip kits, one for me and one for my sister in Dolce K. I am sooo overjoyed with them, they sure have lived up to expectations, and I feel an addiction coming along.

The service was excellent, seeing as my babies were coming all the way from the USA I assumed it would be weeks until they arrived, when actually they turned up unexpected just over a week later. Plus they came with a cute note from Kylie herself – even though it’s photocopied and I know she definitely does not have the slightest clue who I am, but it still felt like I was getting a gift from an old friend.

I was worried that seeing as I wasn’t able to try the shades on my skin, that Candy K wouldn’t suit my skin tone. I spent ages re watching Carli Bybel’s lip kit swatch video just to be 100% sure on the one I wanted (which was all of them but hey ho) but I have to say I have not been let down and the colour suits me perfectly. However if you don’t listen to anything I say at least listen to this:

If you are stuck on what colour to buy – watch a swatch video done by someone with the same skin tone as you.

I have quite naturally tanned skin and dark hair – similar to that of Carli Bybel in the swatch video, whereas my sister is very fair and blonde. We both tried on each other’s lip kits and hated them. The colours washed us out completely and weren’t a patch on the ones we had chosen. Thankfully, Candy K is the perfect shade for me, and whilst I wish I could pull off everything like the gorgeous Kylie (all though I don’t think even she can pull of sky blue but that’s besides the point…) the dark sexy tones of Dolce K are not my forte.

The product smells good enough to eat – like cake mix, it’s sooo delicious. The formula is light weight and super long lasting. I wore it to a party the other day, applied it at around 7pm and even though I had washed my face at the end of the night, I woke up the next morning and my lips still looked fab. I don’t know if this is a majorly good thing, because then I found that I got some spots around my lips – but oh well. This is the price we must pay for such a swell product.



I do think that you really are paying for the label and there are so many dupes available out there. But if you’re a label girl like me then this won’t matter, I hate to say it but I am often blinded by the name rather than the product…

Let me know if you have tried any of the other shades or any good dupes you know of.

Over and out x

Blind the people you don’t like with your highlight

I quit my job. But it’s okay because with the last of the money that I had left from my hard work, I decided to treat myself and buy one of the raved about Glow kits by Anastasia Beverly Hills – That Glow. THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE EVER BOUGHT I LOVE IT LIKE A CHILD. It was a little pricey but is soooo totally worth splashing out for, I can’t praise it enough.

I ordered it from Beauty Bay, along with a set of Morphe brushes which I shall be doing a post on in the near future. And I have to say the service was exceptional – even though my order was lost in the post – but even so I was dealt with perfectly and even received a double dose of free samples to compensate for the time I had to wait.

The packaging of the product is so pretty, the cardboard sleeve which covers the palette glitters in the light, a picture can’t capture it’s beauty. There are four shades in the palette – Sunburst, Bubbly, Dripping in Gold and Golden Bronze. I’m not gonna lie, I’m not sure if there are specific places where I’m meant to apply each shade, but what I’m doing seems to be working (getting a bit of all the lighter shades on on the high points of my face and using the darker shade to contour). The colours are super pigmented and they look really subtle on your face, unlike some highlighters which literally make your skin look oily and dirty. Each shade has a glittery undertone which is what gives the skin that ‘lit from within glow’ as it says on the packaging. Much like the packaging, the glow of the product is really hard to actually capture in a picture.


However, with an effect on the colours and effect of the highlighters are really vivid – even if my skin looks the colour of an extra from The Walking Dead.


I can’t praise this product enough and am currently saving up to buy the other two glow kits, let me know what you think if you have them! What’s your favourite highlight product? Don’t forget to give me a follow on twitter,

Over and out x

I’m back from blogging death and I’m wearing a Cranberry Smokey eye

I’M BACK BITCHES!!!! I haven’t written a blog post in so long you must have thought I’d died or something – but never fear for I am back, and I’ve got tonnes of new stuff to write about.

Update on my life: I’ve finished school, prom is in two weeks, I’m furiously applying for jobs (like seriously, so far I’ve applied for 25. No joke), I’ve completed my life’s purpose of seeing Coldplay live and I’m really suffering with Walking Dead withdrawal.

But now – I shall tell you how to create this autumnal (I know it’s summer but this look is too good)  Cranberry Smokey eye which I accidentally created whilst mucking about with my Sleek i-divine Sunset palette that came in a set I got for Christmas. Sadly this palette has been discontinued now but there are similar ones available from other brands.


So to start, I comb my brows up using a little spoolie brush I got from a Smashbox stand (which maybe wasn’t free to take but oh well) then using the wax and cute angled brush that comes with the  Sleek Brow Kit in shade medium, I outline the shape of my brows and using the spoolie I push the wax into the front of my brow to get that gradient effect. Then, using the Makeup Revolution E104 and Makeup Revolution eye shadow in shade ‘Delicious’ I fill in my brows using upward strokes and give them some more length on the ends. I like my eyebrows to look quite natural and tousled, so I usually run over them a couple of times with a damp beauty blender just to soften them.

sunset i divine
Apologies for the shockingly drawn numbers…





Then to prime I use MUA Pro-Base eye primer and dab this gently onto my eyelids. To start I take the Makeup Revolution E103 with the shades 3 and 4 on the upper part of my crease, and blend them together to a rough V at the outer edge of my eye. This blending takes a while and it will look a little scary – like you’ve got some weird eye disease, but it will all come together in the end. Then using the same brush, I take shade 5 with a tiny bit of 1 and blend this into the crease of my eye to give abit more dimension, I then wipe the brush off and blend the all the different shadows together until they don’t look separate on my eye. Then using the same brush again, I take shade 2 into the outer V of my eye, making a sort of wing. Using my Real Techniques shading brush, I take shade 4 to fill in the gap between the V created on the outer part of my eye – this should take you to the center of your eye, where using the same brush I pack on shade 8 all the way to my inner corner. Finally, again with the same brush, pick up a tiny bit more of shade 2 and smudge it along your lower lash line. The brush should still have some of the red and gold shades so it creates a really subtle red shimmer on your lower lash line.


To tight line my upper lash line I use Max Factor kohl pencil in shade 030 brown, then I apply a thin coat of Too Faced Better than sex Mascara and a slightly thicker one to my lower lashes. Finally, I picked up some of Eyelure’s new naturals range – Number 033 (which I love), these are optional and I’ve used them a few times already which you can kind of tell because you can see how the glue has picked up the eye shadow from when I wore them last, but oh well! To finish it all off, using my finger I tap a bit of shade 10 on my brow bone to highlight and complete the look.



Over and out x


The key to razor sharp facial features

Another goodie which I received this Christmas was the Real Techniques collectors edition Sculpting set. I am a big fan of contouring and these brushes have really upped my game. My cheekbones are looking sharper than ever thanks to the three angels in disguise which came in this set.

Firstly, there’s the sculpting brush itself, in which the bristles are dense and tightly packed together. This makes the colour which you use with it really pop and stand out, giving my facial features immense definition. I use this brush to apply my powder contour (the bronzer bit) to my cheekbones, my jawline, the sides of my nose and my forehead. This makes for easily defined features in minutes.rt sculpt

The next brush is the setting brush, which I use for tapping powder over my concealer highlight to keep it in place. It comes to a point at the top, which means the product can be easily applied around all the nooks and cranny’s of my face. Its narrow size means its also perfect for tapping a little powder highlight just underneath the contour of your cheekbone to really sharpen and neaten it up.rt setting

And finally in this set – my most favourite part – is the fan brush. This is perfect for applying a light, natural looking touch of highlighter to finish off the contour perfectly. The fan shape means it makes the contour look more natural and less liney, muddy looking which you can sometimes get when lots of products are used together. It makes my features look lifted and radiant (plus it’s nice and soft too).rt fan

These are quickly becoming a part of my holy grail, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone. They’re limited edition for Superdrug so you can only get them in there, and judging by the fact that most of the time they are out of stock, just proves that other people agree that this set is rave worthy! Have you got this set or another sculpting set? Let me know what you think of it in the comments, I love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can follow me on twitter too! Lots of love,

Over and out x

I try cream contour – Freedom ultra strobe palette

I am a big fan of powder contour, it’s easy to do, there’s so many products available and to top it all off – it looks quite marvellous. However, I’ve been wanting to try the popular cream contour for a while now, to see if it would give me a result that’s even better than my current weapon of choice (powder contour makes my cheekbones look so sharp they literally could be used as a weapon).

So I had a look in my superdrug and came across the new brand which they have introduced – Freedom. They are quite similar to Makeup Revolution in the way that they sell a wide range of stuff at a fab price. I’d heard about their cream contour/strobe palette so when I saw it I was curious to try (mainly worrying about how complicated it would be to do…)


I was pretty pleased with the way it looked – lush colours and in a handy, compact (when I say compact, I mean literally, it’s small) case with a large mirror. There are 3 highlighting shades and 3 contouring shades, so it suits every skin tone and is suitable for all areas of the face. It came with a flat ended brush which is good quality and makes the cream easier to apply. Now looking at this I was a bit baffled – what goes where?! – so I did watch a few tutorials on YouTube before I even attempted putting anything on my face. 

I started off using the medium contour shade for my cheekbones and into my hairline, but this came out quite orangey so I went over this again with the darkest shade. It was easy to apply with the brush, but whether it was down to me not doing the right thing, it wasn’t that easy to blend with my damp beauty blender, and I found that I was feeling like I was actually just rubbing it off rather than sculpting my face. After putting this shade on the appropriate areas of my face, I started with the 3rd highlighting shade on the high points of my face. I applied this with my Real Techniques detailer brush and really loved it (maybe a little too much than I should have) it went on like a dream due to a dreamy creamy consistency, and was very easily blended. Then I used one of the more yellowy shades under my eyes and on the bridge of my nose, which highlighted my features brilliantly. I then went and set everything with my Makeup Revolution ultra contouring palette, and for me this is what made the look and made the colours used underneath really pop.

I was pleased with the results and I did still feel like my cheekbones could cut cheese (this is a good thing I swear). However, at £10 I do feel that this product is a little overpriced for what you get. It’s good for an everyday look that’s not too dramatic, due to the pigmentation, so I think this is the perfect palette for someone like me who is just starting out with cream contour. 

I’m really looking forward to trying other products from the Freedom range, if you’ve tried anything from them let me know how you get on, I’d love to hear from you! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for regular updates. Until next time guys,

Over and out x 

Christmas party essentials: Bloggers collaborate

Hello everyone! This is something which I am really excited to be a part of, me and a bunch of other like minded bloggers (who’s URL’s I will put in at the end – you should check them out!) are coming together to create a spectacular list of our Christmas party essentials for you (we are too kind). There are a few things which personally I wouldn’t go without in this season to be jolly, so let’s get started.

christmas p e]

So to start with, Glowy, sexy skin. May all be merry and bright – including your makeup. This is a perfect theme for party makeup as you can colour coordinate things (my favourite thing to do like ever). For this I wouldfaceCPE use my Makeup Revolution Flawless palette (which those of you who know me – would know I am obsessed with) that has some delightful reds and coppers to make a sexy, statement, festive smokey eye. Then would attempt to add a feline flick and line to my eyes where I normally use the Benefit They’re Real push up liner to try and make it a bit easier (will cat eyes ever be???). For me, no eye look is complete without thick, voluminous looking lashes, so for this I would curl my lashes first and then apply several coats of most favourite ever mascara – Benefit Roller Lash to my upper and lower lash line. For my base, I would mix a bit of Soap and Glory Hocus Pocus illuminator with my foundation to give my skin a really eye catching radiance (like a new star shining).

You can’t go wrong with a statement lip Christmas time. My go to choices would be Makeup Revolution Vamp collection lipstick in rebel with a cause, which is a brilliant, deep berry purpley/red colour with a little shimmer, which is perfect for winter (and for £1 you can’t go wrong!). Or if you’re lookingfor a more natural and less in your face look, I would opt for Revlon HD Lipstick in rose, for a more girly preppy look and could indeed end in Justin Bieber wanting to take you under the mistletoe. lipCPEDue to the stereotypical windy weather in Winter, I like to stick with big and tousled waves for my hair. To get some oomph into my roots, I use the nozzle on my hairdryer when I’m drying my hair, and lift up sections of hair so that they are vertical, then aim the nozzle upwards at the root untilhairCPE the root is dry. The hair then settles down with a little bounce and not just dead straight. Then, after heat protecting, I use my Babyliss curling wand to create loose curls, which I set with Tresemme touchable hold and shine hairspray. Then to give my hair more texture I use VO5 plump it up dry shampoo on the mid sections of my curled hair, which I then shake about and loosen to activate the dry shampoo. To finish I use Batiste dry shampoo at the roots and backcomb just a little for that extra whoosh of volume.

Nails are also an important part of any Christmas party look. In the festive nailsCPEseason I like burgundy’s, reds and of course a little sparkle. I recommend Bourjois one seconde nail paint in star rain, for a deep burgundy Max Factor max effect nail polish in deep mauve is so beautiful and one of my festive faves.

And finally – I don’t believe a look is complete without a delicious scent. My favourites for a party would be Marc Jacobs Daisy for a flirty and floral scent, Ted Baker body spray in Pink for a girly sweet smell, River Island London for a sophisticated and chic smell, and finally Alien (which I cry about because there’s none left – if you haven’t tried this you are missing out big time!)scentCPE

So that’s it for my Christmas party essentials, and for this blogging collaboration. I hope you enjoyed this read, and if you like these type of posts let me know on a theme and I will come up with more for you! Feel free to comment on your Christmas party essentials, I love to hear from you, don’t forget to follow on twitter for regular updates!

Over and out x

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Acne blasting for Prom – spots be gone.

What’s more exciting than skin which looks, glowy, radiant and healthy?! (Justin Bieber is an acceptable answer)

I’ve been trying, and still am, furiously hard to get my ideal complexion in time for my prom on the 8th of July 2016 (save the date people) and thankfully it’s starting to look like I’m well on the way to reaching my goal. I’ve suffered with some quite bad acne when I was a little younger – not really that bad on my face, but on my neck, shoulders and back. It made me feel really self conscious and in the summer I didn’t feel like I could go out wearing strappy tops or go to the beach in a bikini and started avoiding going out with my friends which caused a few relationships to break down. These were quickly fixed when they understood the reason behind it, but this was just extra angst I didn’t need. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this problem, but I think that acne is a really serious medical condition, and so called ‘spot shaming’ needs to stop. I was prescribed antibiotics to calm my skin down and have been on them ever since.

With prom looming, I decided I wasn’t going to let my skin stop me from getting my dream dress. And I didn’t – I picked the most beautiful dress with a low back and sweeping neckline, both of which exposed my problem areas. Here’s how I’ve been boosting my skin routine to combat this problem:

everydayskincareFor my face and neck: I start with taking my makeup off at the end of the day using makeup remover wipes – the Johnson’s oil balancing facial wipes are my favourite ones at the moment. Then, to give my pores a really deep cleanse and get out all the dirt from the day, I wash my face with my favourite Scrub you nose in it facial scrub by Soap and Glory. This minimises the appearance of my pores, deeply cleanses and leaves my skin looking glowy and less oily. Then I tone using Simple soothing facial toner, to reduce the size of my pores and help to stop them absorbing any more dirt. Then I go over my problem areas on my face (forehead, chin, nose and upper lip) with some distilled which hazel that you can get at your local drugstore or pharmacy. This helps to reduce redness and helps blemishes go down plus prevent them in the future. For a moisturiser, I love the Simple hydrating light moisturiser to make my skin feel smooth and look radiant, plus it helps to seal up my pores. If it’s daytime, I use a micellar cleansing water to remove my spot products from the night before, and my simple oil balancing moisturiser (mentioned in my first ever makeup look) to give me a perfect matte base for my makeup. I’ve also started to use Garnier skin renew oil free BB cream in place of foundation, it’s fab because it’s non comedogenic – which means it won’t clog your pores. It gives just as good coverage as my favourite foundation and lasts just as well.

Top tip: always wash your face and neck at night as this is when your oil glands are less active and means the products you use have more of an effect on your skin, letting them work whilst you sleep.

For blemishes and scarring: When I get a spot, I zap it as soon as I can. Cannot stand the things. Depending on the type of spot – I like to drown it in Sudocrem or a Tea Tree spot gel. If it’s a ‘lurker’ (a spot that’s not really a spot but is just painfully sitting there under your skin) I like to use a Tea Tree product to bring it out so that I can get rid of it pronto. However, if it’s a fully blown ugly thing I put a dab of Sudocrem on it to calm it down and it literally seems to shrink in size overnight (it must be magic.) Depending on your skin type, you may get scars after you pop spots, my top trick is every night before you sleep, use a dab of Bio oil on any scars which you have. This will, over time, heal the scar and in the mean time, make the area nice and smooth for you to conceal over.

Lurker alert? Don’t worry – pour some boiling water into a bowl and let it cool so that it’s not scalding hot, then get some cotton wool soaked in the water and press this against the spot. This will bring it out and make it easier for you to treat/pop it.

For my back and shoulders: My most important advice to you if you suffer with acne on your shoulders and back, is to go to your doctor and see if it is serious enough for you to need medication to treat it. We all get the odd spot, but in some cases it is much more serious. One of the main things which has really helped clear up my shoulders and back is the medication which I was prescribed. But, I also like to exfoliate my back and shoulders with Sugar crush exfoliating scrub, not only to make me smell divine but to get rid of dead skin build up which could potentially cause spots. Every time I shower or bathe, I spray my back and shoulders with an antibacterial skin spray, which can be picked up from any drug store, to cleanse the pores in these areas. Moisturising is also important – as the drier the skin gets the more oil it produces – meaning a higher chance of spots.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you have any tips or thoughts, drop me a comment! I love to hear from you. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter at @jessicaelizabiz, so that you never miss out on updates from me!

Over and out x

3 for 2? Don’t mind if I do…

Hello everyone! I’m going to start by apologizing for not posting in sooo long, I’ve been snowed under with school work and feeling very stressed out. But, you may ask, what is the perfect way to de-stress? And I would have to answer you with the only way I know how – retail therapy!

Yes once again, Boots have my favourite offer on – 3 for 2 on Soap and Glory products. From one of my last posts you can tell I swear by S&G products, so I simply can not resist it when this offer rolls around every few weeks.

So, here’s what I picked up:

s&g primer

I have been waiting to try the ‘one heck of a blot’ range since it was released a few weeks ago, and as I have only recently bought a new BB Cream, I decided to give the range’s primer a go. Now I love a good primer, there’s nothing better than the satisfaction of your makeup still looking fine and dandy when you get home from a long day. So what is this one like? It has a lovely, balmy texture – much like Benefit’s Porefessional primer, and is white in colour. It goes on like a dream, and leaves your skin feeling matte and smooth after it is applied. I wore mine under my Garnier skin perfecting BB cream for oily skin, and over the course of the day, I only had to reapply powder once for shine (this is the same as normal with the BB cream). So although this product didn’t do that good of a job for me at keeping the oil at bay (my skin gets very oily – especially in winter) it did do a fab job at keeping all my makeup in place. At the end of the day, my contour was still looking defined and my highlighter and concealing were still doing their jobs properly. The packaging for the product is so cute and the bottle is matte, which helps me to think I will stay matte throughout the day. I would definitely recommend this primer to anyone when it is worn under foundation, and even BB cream for those with less oily skin.

The second new delight I picked up is the Smoothie Star body spray. The smoothie star fragrance is my favourite of all the Soap and Glory scents, so when I saw this on their instagram, my heart did a flutter of joy. It smells so delicious, and the scent lasted all day with only a few generous spritz’s in the morning. It makes me smell like a cake, which is nothing to complain about. This product is perfect for me, and anyone who loves sweet smelling things, the smell makes you hungry – that’s how good it is.

And finally – one of my go to handbag staples from S&G, the Hand maid antibac hand cleansing gel. It’s the perfect size to slip in your bag for school or anywhere you go (I use mine as like a permanent shadow…) and the scent is lovely, fruity fresh which lasts for a long time. I’ve actually had people telling me they love my perfume when it’s actually the gel working it’s magic. Why not kill two birds with one stone when you use this product? Kill nasty germs and smell fabulous! (You really can have it all…)

Sadly that’s it for today, but not the end of my addiction to Soap and Glory (is that even a sad thing…?). Keep an eye out for my next post, and feel free to leave a comment and check out my other posts (who knows, you might enjoy it…) Make sure to follow me on twitter at @jessicaelizabiz, and leave any suggestions for me! I love talking with you guys – come to me if you need help with anything. But until next time,

Over and out x

Makeup Revolution haul (kind of)

Okay guys so the other day I definitely did not spend the remnants of my paycheck on makeup and brushes…

revolution haul 1 edit

However it’s okay! I have no regrets because I absolutely love the stuff which I picked up.

After hearing all the hype about the Makeup Revolution brushes which they have recently brought out, I’ve been itching to try them, and they just so happened to be conveniently placed directly in my eyeline in the que at Superdrug (very clever store layout, makes my purse a little empty…). I originally set out wanting to get the dupes of the Real Techniques Bold Metals collection – however these were not in stock so I settled for this gorgeous Christmas gift set: The Ultra Pro Brush collection. You get 6 brushes included for £12, which works out at £2 per brush (diabolical, right?). This includes a stippling brush, a powder brush, a contour brush, an eyeshadow brush & one for blending and an eyebrow brush. I am so pleased that I discovered this set, because it’s a godsend. The hairs are so soft and smooth, the brushes are well built and professional looking, and they are just as good at applying my makeup than the Real Techniques brushes which are also in my collection. I would recommend these brushes to anyone!

I also picked up the Makeup Revolution (MR) Vivid Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights. And you may have guessed it – I love this too. I already have the MR dupe of Sleek’s Face Form palette, which comes with a set of blusher, bronzer and highlighter which I really got on well with, and since I’m now running out of that I decided it was time for a new one. I have read amazing reviews on these highlighters (this range comes in 3 colours) and so I had them in mind when I saw it on the shelf, after swatching it on my wrist I immediately fell in love and knew I had to buy it. And for just £3 I couldn’t resist! It throws beautiful, natural looking light and shade onto my face when applied above my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupids bow and my forehead. The pigmentation is great and ‘Vivid’ like it says, and the whole Vivid Highlighter collection would be perfect used together to get the on trend ‘Strobing’ look (something I’ve never tried).

I went into my local Superdrug wanting to by the MR Ultra Cream contour palette – but alas, silly me I got the dates wrong and it wasn’t actually out yet. So instead I picked up the MR Ultra contour palette, which is packed with several matte and shiny colours to contour and highlight your face to get the fashionable sculpted look which is popular at the moment.


It has shades to suit any skin tone, and each colour has a lovely deep pigmentation so you don’t need to apply loads. There is a large mirror inside the packaging and comes in a very sturdy, resistant box which prevents the powders from smashing. This was £8 for the 8 shades which works out at £1 each, and for such brilliant quality it’s excellent value for money. The only thing I did find with this product (the ocd part of me coming through here) was that it was hard to get the pigment on the brush without getting it on the surrounding packaging as well, but that’s just me.


This is a picture used in my last post about how to get my face – where I have used the contour palette and the Vivid highlighter to sculpt my face, and it had a brilliant effect.

And the final thing I brought was the MR Focus and Fix concealer. I wasn’t as impressed with this as I thought I would be which saddens me deeply. It didn’t hide the redness on my skin from blemishes, and instead made the blemish look like a rice krispie that’s been covered in white chocolate (sorry for such lovely imagery, but it’s the only way I can think to describe it…). However, I would recommend this concealer for highlighting instead of covering up blemishes. It’s colour is quite light and has a blendable texture, which would make it perfect for use with a powder or cream contour – something which I am going to try it with in the near future. This was £2.50 or £3 (I can’t remember) and despite not actually doing what it says on the product, would be perfect for use with contour, and pretty good value for money.

So, I love communicating with you guys and love it when you leave comments with your thoughts and ideas. If you have any requests on things you want me to review or looks you want me to create, leave a comment below or tweet me @jessicaelizabiz I’d love to hear from you!

Over and out x

How to get my face (if you want) – Natural everyday look

Hey guys! Today I’m going to show you whats on my face, with a rundown of all the products and brushes which I have used. This is the look which I go for everyday, and is really simple and quick to do.


So, lets start with my skin. First I like to cleanse my face using Nivea Sensitive Micellar Cleansing Water, and then moisturise using Simple Oil Balancing Moisturizer, this is great because I have oily/combination skin and it really helps to control my shine throughout the day. Then, using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge damp, I dab on Garnier BB cream for oily skin in Light (this would normally be foundation, but after reading a glowing review on here from another excellent blogger – I decided to pick up some of this to help my complexion.) Then using my Benefit Boing concealer in shade 02, I cover up any blemishes and dark circles.

Now onto my contour (my favourite step). I use the Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette to define my non existent cheekbones with the Makeup Revolution F105 brush, then use whichever of the highlighting shades I’m feeling (I just like to go with the flow) to conceal under my eyes a little more with the Real Techniques Contour Brush. Using my Benefit Coralista blusher, I make the apples of my cheeks nice and rosy. I then use the Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter in Golden Lights with the Real Techniques brush above my contour, on my forehead, the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. Then, using the Makeup Revolution F104 brush, I like to set all this with Benefit Hello Flawless powder in Pure Ivory. I was really proud of my base today so here’s a close up just for you (aren’t you just the luckiest?!).


Next we move onto my eyebrows (which urgently need a wax, I must apologise). Using a cheap slanted brush I picked up in Wilkinson’s, I outline the shape of my brows with the wax from the Sleek Makeup Brow kit in Light, then using an old mascara wand I push the pigment into the start of my brow to get a gradiented effect. Then, using the Makeup Revolution E104 and Makeup Revolution Eye shadow in Delicious I fill in my brows.

Now for the eyes. As a base I use the MUA Pro-Base Eye Primer to make my shadow stick. Today I used my w7 In the Nude Eye Shadow palette (I would normally use my Makeup Revolution Flawless palette, but wanted to try this out as it was new) to contour the crease of my eye, highlight the inner corner and middle, then outline the outer V of my eye with a lush sparkly copper colour. Then I like to tightline my lashes with Rimmel waterproof Eye Definer in Deep Brown, and maybe add a little flick if I’m feeling fancy. Then I highlight my bottom lash line using Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl pencil in Nude 5 to make my eyes pop. Then I curl my lashes and apply a generous coat of my all time favourite mascara – Benefit Rollerlash to my upper and lower lashes.


Finally, I exfoliate my lips with my toothbrush and then apply a light coat of Clinique Lip pop and primer in Cherry to complete my look (thanks to Glamour magazine for this free sample!).


So that’s that for today! Hope you enjoyed reading this and that I didn’t waffle too much. Feel free to leave a comment with any thing you have to say, and don’t forget to follow me on twitter: @jessicaelizabiz

Over and out x